For centuries, massage and other forms of body works have been accepted health practices in virtually all cultures. The benefits are a well-known relief of tension and stress, increased circulation, and improved emotional and physical well-being.

Swedish Massage

30 min $45

55 min $65

With long soothing strokes, your therapist improves circulation, relieves muscle tension and increases mobility, leaving you in a deeply relaxed, stress-free state.

Therapeutic Massage

55 min


A faster paced massage that concentrates on problem areas, increases mobility and reduces stress and muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

55 min

$75Releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas, either following or going across the grain of muscles, tendons, and fascia. Specific conditions i.e. lower back, sciatica, neck and shoulders, bursitis and muscle sprains.

Loomi - Loomi Massage

$100Massage from Hawaiian Islands and literally means “back and forward” Loomi-Loomi is a rhythmic massage which transmits to the patient in a deep flowing feeling, treats the cases of back pains, spasms, headaches, stress and fatigue. It is also suitable for everyone who is looking for a new way to pamper him / her.

Prenatal Massage

50 min


Ease your aching muscles and give your body a treat! Using a specialty designed cushion, the therapist can adapt your massage for the right stage of your pregnancy.

Hot Steam Room

Steam Room (1 session)


Body Massage  + 1 session



A free flow of perspiration will often relieve the extreme pain of arthritis, gout, and sciatica, and will also ease other pain.

Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna (1 session) $20
Body Massage  + 1 session $75&up
Many accident victims or arthritis clients find that the dry heat of the Finnish Sauna helps them to function in normal manners. There is an intense but tolerable heat in sauna room and this causes profuse perspiration within few minutes. The ideal way to take sauna is to perspire, then take a tepid or cool shower, and then get a body massage or a body treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

55 min

$75  Combines the use of hot stones to induce healing both spiritually and physically. The heat and energy from the stones allows the Therapist to work muscles deeply for a truly relaxing and healing experience.

UltraBeauty Sports Massage

90 min

$125  This personalized massage focuses on specific areas of need to help reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, and provides a warm up to activity. It incorporates heating mud, which helps to relax muscles while aiding the body in eliminating metabolic waste.

Couple's Massage

55 min

$160  Treat each other to a romantic, candle lit massage for two. Enjoy a full body therapeutic Swedish massage with a friend or sibling and benefit from each other’s company while catching up. Afterwards, enjoy a cup of tea together in the Ultrabeauty Day Spa beautiful dining room.

Muscle Relaxation Package

90 min


muscle45 min deep tissue massage or therapeutic massage. 15 min stretching, ½ hr steam or sauna, fresh detox green tea with fresh mint.

Other Massage Services


30 min$45

Foot massage, effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness, restores energy.  


Herbal Thai Poultice Massage

1 hour$110

A herbal compress filled with herbs and essential oils opens your pores and induces relaxation of sore muscles with a hot, steaming blend of Thai herbs.